Importance Of Recycling

Modern generation programs require lots of processing power that old computers cannot handle. Apart from this, it is possible to upgrade an old PC to a certain extent. The slots of motherboards designed to accommodate DDR2 RAMs cannot accept DDR4 RAMs, which are the de facto standard nowadays. Therefore, it is not surprising to see people discarding their old computers and purchasing new ones. However, the problem is that most individuals simply dump their old PCs in the garbage can. This can seriously affect the ecology as the personnel of the dump truck pick up the entire trash, along with the PC, and dump it in a landfill. This can damage the ecology as well as cause harm to your health. You can avoid these problems from occurring by handing over your PC to a computer recycling company.

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How does the computer affect the ecology?

Your computer eventually ends up being incinerated or being dumped in a landfill. In case you did not know, the components of your PC contain heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, and lead, which slowly disintegrate and permeate into the soil. They also affect water near the landfill, poisoning it in the process. Plants in the vicinity of the landfill also end up being contaminated when they absorb water through their roots. This poisons the fruits and vegetables of the plant along with its leaves too. Livestock grazing grass and plant leaves too suffer from poisoning when they eat grass and the leaves of the plant. The poison affects fishes in pools near the dumping ground too when they drink the contaminated water. The poison passes from the meat of these fishes or animals when you cook and eat them. The poisonous gases released upon incineration of your PC releases gases that affect the protective ozone layer in the stratosphere, preventing it from trapping harmful ultraviolet rays of sunlight.

Take preventive action today

If you do not want the future generation to suffer because of your negligence, take preventive action today, and hand over your old PC to a computer recycling agency instead of dumping it in the trash can. You can also contact the company from which you purchased the PC. Most leading manufacturers of computers have a special computer recycling program. They will send you a cardboard container in which you can put the PC and ship it to them.

Behind the scenes

Both the manufacturer and the recycling agency disassemble the PC, separate the plastic components from the electronic parts and recycle them. They supply the recycled plastic to manufacturers of computer display units that use the plastic for manufacturing the body of new display units. The agencies take out the electronic components, separate the usable parts, and treat the circuit boards to extract the heavy materials from them. They then sell these metals, along with other valuable metals such as gold (used in connectors) to motherboard and other computer electronic boards to electronic board manufacturers, who use them to manufacture new boards. Protect the environment and save Mother Earth by handing over your old PC to a computer recycling company.